Click the “+” button on the lower right side to add a task. You can also change the task settings of each item added by clicking “CONFIGURE”.

  • Assign a name to the item in the TASK NAME field.

  • Click the “COLOR” button to select the background color for each of the tasks.

  • Choose the type of remote storage from the TO field and then click “CONNECT” to authenticate the remote storage. The available types of storage are as follows.

  • Click on the “OK” button to finish adding a task.

    It allows programming the synchronization between the disks of the task, so that the user can indicate if it occurs automatically when detecting changes in the files, manually or schedule their start at a certain time as well as at regular intervals of hours or minutes as desired.


Specify which files are copied or ignored depending on whether a Whitelist (White List/Allowed) or a BlackList (Black List/Ignored) is selected.